One of our most successful products in the Netherlands is VoteMatch (in Dutch: StemWijzer), a voting advice application or voting aid application (VAA). VoteMatch was first developed in 1989. At the time it was just a test on paper. Later it was further developed to a digital tool, used by millions of Ducth voters to help them decide what party fits their viewpoints. Users enter their opinion (yes or no) in response to some thirty propositions. The programme subsequently calculates which parties most closely match the user’s political preferences.

In other countries

ProDemos has also developed StemWijzers for elections in other countries, like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Chili, Colombia, Germany, Ecuador, France, Georgia, Ghana, Japan, Libya, Morocco, Mexico, Mongolia, Peru, Surinam, Tunesia, Turkey, United Kingdom and Switzerland. Many countries now have thier own voting advice applications.